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So he thinks up a marvellous joke he can play on the other elephants in the night, when they're asleep Elmer on Stilts. The hunters are coming and all the elephants are worried. Elmer, the patchwork elephant, comes up with a plan to outwit the hunters but things don't turn out quite as planned Elmer's Day. Elmer the patchwork elephant has a busy day ahead of him. At night Elmer likes to count stars, but he never gets very far before falling fast asleep!

Elmer and Wilbur. Elmer loves practical jokes, but so does his cousin Wilbur. Until, that is, Elmer has an idea which brings Wilbur back down to earth, in more ways than one Elmer and the Wind. Aided and abetted by his ventriloquist cousin, Wilbur, Elmer pretends to be blown away on the windiest day. They make fools of the other elephants, but when the laughter dies down, Elmer reassures them that a heavy elephant is safe in the worst of gales.

When he tries to prove it, much to his surprise, he really does get blown away! Elmer and the Lost Teddy. Baby Elephant can't sleep because he has lost his teddy, so Elmer sets off to look for it. Eventually Elmer hears a voice shouting 'Help! I'm lost! Elmer and the Stranger. Is there a difference between a bounce and a jump? Kangaroo thinks there is, and he is very concerned he is going to look silly in the upcoming jumping competition, until Elmer helps him discover that the one will do just as well as the other.

Elmer and Grandpa Eldo.

Children's Books on Science, Nature & Technology

Elmer is on his way to visit his Grandpa Eldo. He has great fun reminding Eldo of all the things they used to do together, but is Eldo quite as forgetful as Elmer thinks? He may be old but he is an elephant, after all, and elephants never forget. Do they? This product is only available to collect in store. Elmer and Butterfly.

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One day, as Elmer is strolling through the jungle, he hears a cry for help. A butterfly has been trapped in a hole by a fallen branch.

Elmer rushes to the rescue and frees her with ease. In return she promises to help Elmer should he ever need it. But just how can a butterfly ever help an elephant? Elmer and the Hippos. The elephants are not happy - the hippos have come to share the river because theirs has dried up. When they complain to Elmer that the river is over-crowded, everyone's favourite patchwork elephant sets off to see if he can find a solution.

Elmer and Snake. The elephants want to play a trick on Elmer but they can't think of one! So they ask wily old Snake to help them. Discover who tricks whom in this entertaining picture book about everyone's favourite patchwork elephant. Elmer and Rose.

Elmer and Rose - Children's Book Read Aloud

Grandpa Eldo asks Elmer and Wilbur to help a young elephant find her way back to her herd - and they get a shock when they see she is pink! The Saggy Baggy Elephant. Kathryn Jackson. The Elephant's Tale. Lauren St. Chathu:The Elephant Boy. Uncle And The Treacle Trouble. Uncle and Claudius the Camel. Tennant Redbank.

Matthew Cordell. Ava's Elephant Family Escapades. Joanne Lindsay.

Elmer and Grandpa Eldo (Elmer eBooks)

Everyday Noises. Suzy-Jane Tanner. Fly, Dumbo, Fly! Disney Dumbo. Jennifer Liberts Weinberg. Teddy Grizzly. Makhi and the Run Away Elephant. Jowana Lamb.

Great Gray. Beverly Davis. I Dream of an Elephant. Ami Rubinger. Maggie and Wendel. Cori Doerrfeld. Crackers, Cheese and Pudding. Alysia Stern. Elephant Shoes. Heather Wall. Thunder II: Footprints in the Sand. Erik Daniel Shein.


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One Amazing Elephant. Linda Oatman High. Ella and the Mother's Day Surprise. Eve C. No wonder she is called Rose. But there is an even greater surprise in store when they reach her herd - because everyone single one of them is pink!

Elmer | Picture Book Character Toys | Madeleine Lindley Ltd

Elmer and Aunt Zelda. Elmer and Wilbur visit their Aunt Zelda. She may be getting old and deaf, but she is fun and has lots of interesting things to show the two young elephants. Elmer and the Rainbow. Elmer and the other elephants are waiting for the storm to end so they can see the beautiful, colourful rainbow.

See a Problem?

But something dreadful has happened: the rainbow has lost its colours! Elmer decides to give his own colours to the rainbow. But what will happen to Elmer if he gives the rainbow his own colours? Will he lose them for ever? Elmer and the Big Bird.