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Claude puts his card in the fire, then changes his mind and pulls it out. He asks, "where is the something, where is the someone, that tells me why I live and die? The tribe emerges naked, intoning "beads, flowers, freedom, happiness. After a black-out, the tribe enters worshiping in an attempt to summon Claude "Oh Great God of Power". Claude returns from the induction center, and tribe members act out an imagined conversation from Claude's draft interview, with Hud saying "the draft is white people sending black people to make war on the yellow people to defend the land they stole from the red people".

Claude gives Woof a Mick Jagger poster, and Woof is excited about the gift, as he has said he's hung up on Jagger. Three white women of the tribe tell why they like "Black Boys" "black boys are delicious Berger gives a joint to Claude that is laced with a hallucinogen. Claude starts to trip as the tribe acts out his visions "Walking in Space". He hallucinates that he is skydiving from a plane into the jungles of Vietnam.

Berger appears as General George Washington and is told to retreat because of an Indian attack. The Indians shoot all of Washington's men. General Ulysses S. Claude Bukowski is called in the roll call, but Clark Gable says "he couldn't make it". They all dance a minuet until three African witch doctors kill them — all except for Abraham Lincoln who says, "I'm one of you". Booth shoots Lincoln, but Lincoln says to him, "I ain't dying for no white man".

As the visions continue, four Buddhist monks enter. Three Catholic nuns strangle the three remaining Buddhist monks.

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Three astronauts shoot the nuns with ray guns. Three Chinese people stab the astronauts with knives. Three Native Americans kill the Chinese with bows and tomahawks. Three green berets kill the Native Americans with machine guns and then kill each other. The parents talk to the suit as if it is their son and they are very proud of him.

The bodies rise and play like children.

Literally Lynne Marie: January

The play escalates to violence until they are all dead again. After the trip, Claude says "I can't take this moment to moment living on the streets. I know what I want to be As they "look at the moon," Sheila and the others enjoy a light moment " Good Morning Starshine ". The tribe pays tribute to an old mattress "The Bed". Claude is left alone with his doubts. He leaves as the tribe enters wrapped in blankets in the midst of a snow storm. They start a protest chant and then wonder where Claude has gone. Berger calls out "Claude!

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Claude says, "like it or not, they got me. Claude and everyone sing "Flesh Failures".

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The tribe moves in front of Claude as Sheila and Dionne take up the lyric. The whole tribe launches into "Let the Sun Shine In", and as they exit, they reveal Claude lying down center stage on a black cloth. During the curtain call, the tribe reprises "Let the Sun Shine In" and brings audience members up on stage to dance. Note: This plot summary is based on the original Broadway script.

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The script has varied in subsequent productions. Hair opened on Broadway at the Biltmore Theatre on April 29, The original Broadway "tribe" i. The Hair team soon became embroiled in a lawsuit with the organizers of the Tony Awards. After assuring producer Michael Butler that commencing previews by April 3, , would assure eligibility for consideration for the Tonys, the New York Theatre League ruled Hair ineligible, moving the cutoff date to March The producers brought suit [29] but were unable to force the League to reconsider.

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The West Coast version played at the Aquarius Theater in Los Angeles beginning about six months after the Broadway opening and running for an unprecedented two years. There were soon nine simultaneous productions in U. A notable addition to the team in Los Angeles was Tom Smothers , who served as co-producer.

It was rare for so many productions to run simultaneously during an initial Broadway run. Producer Michael Butler, who had declared that Hair is "the strongest anti-war statement ever written", said the reason that he opened so many productions was to influence public opinion against the Vietnam War and end it as soon as possible. Hair opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London on September 27, , led by the same creative team as the Broadway production. The opening night was delayed until the abolition of theatre censorship in England under the Theatres Act so that the show could include nudity and profanity.

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  8. The job of leading the foreign language productions of Hair was given to Bertrand Castelli , Butler's partner and executive producer of the Broadway show. Butler described him as a "crazy showman Each script contained local references, such as street names and the names or depictions of local politicians and celebrities. Castelli produced companies in France, Germany, Mexico and other countries, sometimes also directing the productions. A successful Parisian production of Hair opened on June 1, Miller and directed by Jim Sharman , who also designed the production. Redd was one of six African-Americans brought to Australia to provide a racially integrated tribe. The production transferred to Melbourne in and then had a national tour.

    It marked the stage debut of Boston -born Australian vocalist Marcia Hines.

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    Another notable production was in Belgrade , in the former Yugoslavia , in It was the first Hair to be produced in a communist country. By , Hair was a huge financial success, and nineteen productions had been staged outside of North America. Hair explores many of the themes of the hippie movement of the s. Theatre writer Scott Miller described these as follows:. Contrary to popular opinion, the hippies had great respect for America and believed that they were the true patriots, the only ones who genuinely wanted to save our country and make it the best it could be once again.

    It symbolized equality between men and women. Drab work clothes jeans, work shirts, pea coats were a rejection of materialism. Clothing from other cultures, particularly the Third World and native Americans, represented their awareness of the global community and their rejection of U. Simple cotton dresses and other natural fabrics were a rejection of synthetics, a return to natural things and simpler times. Some hippies wore old World War II or Civil War jackets as way of co-opting the symbols of war into their newfound philosophy of nonviolence. Extending the precedents set by Show Boat and Porgy and Bess , Hair opened the Broadway musical to racial integration; fully one-third of the cast was African American.

    Several songs and scenes from the show address racial issues. One of the tribe's protest chants is "What do we think is really great? To bomb, lynch and segregate! Supreme Court had struck down laws against the practice in Copulate in a king-sized bed. The Lincoln character then recites a modernized version of the Gettysburg Address , while a white female tribe member polishes Lincoln's shoes with her blond hair.