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  2. Imps, Devils, Little Creatures of the Dark.
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The next month, I received another name of a male Ed Hinds. Within a week, a priest with that name was murdered in New Jersey. The following month Oct. I received another name, first name only. Prior to these events, these names meant nothing to me and a Google search on them would turn up numerous people with the same name around the country.

Sleep paralysis: The devil, the ghost & the Old Hag

This last name Margarite was very similar to mine. I just knew something was going to happen that Halloween night and I was certain it would be to me. I did not allow myself to sleep at all that night. I have since received numerous communications of names that soon turn out to be victims, perpetrators, or locations of some terrible crime.

About two years ago something was done to my head and I now am in constant telepathic communication with these entities. I have had many other experiences from physical attacks to me, to attacks on my pets. My husband has witnessed some of these encounters.

» Shadow Visitors: Sleep paralysis and discarnate “dark ones” The Teeming Brain

I saw that entity arrive as a black ball of mist and morph into a figure beside my bed. I saw it kneeling and was only able to view it from the forehead upward. It appeared to have a bump on either side of the all black hairless head. I have seen three other entities since the appearance of the first black shadow.

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Once another being, black but more 3 dimensional, took me somewhere that was very dark, up a wide boulder-lined gravel trail. I have no idea if I was physically or mentally transported, just remember a swirl of black mist around me before walking up the trail. I awoke in my bed two hours later than my usual wake up time. Of course I tried prayer to stop these events and communications. Other times I am told they are killing me. They tell me they can cause accidents, severe weather events, and can take control of people who are mentally ill or substance abusers and cause them to commit crimes or suicide.

Imps, Devils, Little Creatures of the Dark.

They encourage me to read my Bible. I do not understand why all this started happening to me. Although a Christian, I never believed in the Devil, ghosts, or demons, nor did I ever do anything to conjur them up or invite them into my life. I have tried to live a moral life and am a 66 year old retired RN living an otherwise quiet life. Thanks to both you and Mr. Vaile for sharing your experiences. It is good to know I am not alone with this. If you are ever able to find a way to stop this in your life, please let me know as well. In , when I was 66 year old retired banker, I had a visit from an imp.

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He was in my bed laying against my leg. He made a scratching sound like a dog. I thought that he was the spirit of a dead dog that belonged to the former occupants. I had purchased the house just one year before and knew that the former tenants had dogs. I did not think this spirit was evil and I let it stay. Within a few weeks, my house was over run with these spirits and they began attacking me. Then they brought 2 other types of spirits with them who made their home in my bed. This has gone on now for almost 2 years. Now I have 12 of these spirits in me and hundreds of them in my home.

I am Christian and did not believe in demons or any other evil spirits except the devil. This experience is getting worse and I do not know what to do. I too just want a quiet retirement to live out the rest of y life. Any ideas? Hey miss Marjorie my name is john well leave it at that for now. I want to start out with this I am 34 years old on the out side but for some reason on the inside I feel As though I have lived life times I guess you could say I have a very old soul. What I mean is I was living a sinful life asking forgiveness ever night for the same sin soon the devil had me convinced I could no longer ask.

But long story short the devil wants us who are GODs chosen to stay in fear doubt and to especially feel helpless and alone. Meaning you gotta not pay attention mam the more you pay attention the more stronger they of it can become to manifest in your life. Or so I thought one day I prayed for ex to be able to take her lucmia and so two years later which was this moment I had festival cancer and she had nothing.

I wanted to say that to let you know that thus silhouette of a women was trying to grave at it to hurt me because I said I was going to work. Now from my understanding spirits that die in a certain place are tied to it but this thing followed me down the road trying to continue to hurt me then it got me tbinking.


I went home got my bible said LORD plz give me something to make this thing go away and made the mistake of hitting my butt instead of my knees. I opened the bible started reading this thing got on my shoulders laughing pecking the bible that my forehead he almost pressed against it I started getting angry and I had something in me till recently that when I got mad took over.

This thing emmidetly jumped off my shoulders hit the wall the guy that was there with me it was like he was on pause.

Astral Projection Binaural Beats Theta Realms ( 777 Hz MEDITATION ) Isochronic Tones Theta Waves

I got up still angry cause the devil had tricked me again I started slinging the curtains and doors open in anger. He spoke threw me to my coe workers sister come down to me in me just to show he still loves me we are his children of course. When he saw me he stopped crying imspeektely and ask where the drugs was at as I went to speak GOD did not allow me instead he said toe did you see that john I said yes I did LORD my friends eyes had changed GOD told him it was right here and said his name my friend said no seriously where the drugs at GOD stepped closer and said I said its right here and said his name what ever was in my friend I watched it flee and my friend continued back crying.

My friend avoided me for days the rest of the night though I had fear and doubt GOD kept singing fear and doubt fear and doubt time to get the devil out. Ask GOD to come into you heart mind body and soul that you are not strong enough to move this mountain on ur own. Stay away from the Ouiji boards. It is not a harmless game. It is a portal for demons to enter this dimention.

I did use the board twice in my life, once as a 10 year old and the second time when I was I had dark dreams and often awoke with dark shadows in my room. I felt terrified. You are inviting them in. Have nothing to do with this board game and pray to your angels and to Jesus Christ to protect you. God bless! It gave me shivers when I heard you on Coast to Coast last night.

Nice inerview by the way. Years ago I had an encounter with one on those creatures. I had been in the hospital recovering from surgery.

The Dangers of Astral Projection

My husband came in to see me all wild eyed and told me about a very frighting event. A couple of days later I went home and was greatful to be in my own bed. He worked nights and was gone.

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